Head Health Hub

Offical Opening

On Saturday 19th August 2023 we officially opened the Head Health Hub.

Attendance for this proud moment was excellent with sec we al local counsellors and community members showing face. There really was a buzz and element of excitement in the air.

The hub itself, as we planned, will be an environment where holds its weekly group sessions. We have a counselling room, kitchen and comfortable spaces for talks, meets and plans to be made.

It’ll take time to establish ourselves further but with the team we have it’s going to be a pleasurable and rewarding journey.

Currently we offer counselling via a male or female therapist, which can be at a reduced rate or free when funds are available. and groups help here too, so please check out social media/Facebook for updates and information.

We will also be holding baby events to encourage people to engage, mainly men, with a view of raising further funds to continue supporting the local communities wellbeing.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the meetings held?

Our meetings currently take place in a small, quiet setting in Sheerness in Kent. We are looking to expand to other locations in the future.

How much is it to attend each meeting?

All meetings are free. We do not ask for anything to help improve mental health for everyone.

What can I expect at a meeting?

Our meetings are very informal. No one is expected to talk straight away. Your meeting host will begin initial discussions by explaining how their week is going which may prompt conversations with others.

Is this formal counselling?

No. None of our meetings have trained counsellors. Our meetings are about getting men to talk openly and privately which is akin to having a chat down the pub.

Our meetings cannot and do not try to replace formal counselling with trained and qualified counsellors.

Are the meetings private?

Yes. All our meetings are completely private.

We expect everyone attending to agree to the Chatham House Rules principle. That is, what is said in the room, must not be disclosed by anyone to anyone. This ensures everyone in the group feels comfortable that what they say will remain within the group.

The only exception to this is if an attendee discloses that they are a danger to themselves or others. In this case, we have a legal duty to inform the authorities.

I am nervous and don't like to meet new people.

You are not the only one. Please don’t worry. We assure you others feel the the same when they first attend our meetings.

Our host will welcome you and guide you through the meeting. If you want them to, they will introduce you to the group, or if you prefer, you can stay out of view and still listen in to get a feel for what happens.

You are not expected to talk. Listening can help too. But you are welcome to jump straight in if you want to.

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